The Steps You Should Take If You Are Involved in a SEPTA Accident

What to Do If You Are Involved in a SEPTA Accident

SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) is one of the most used public transportation systems offering services to a large number of people in and around Philadelphia. It also offers transportation to public living in Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Bucks County. The services of SEPTA include para-transit vehicles, buses, regional rail, trackless trolleys, elevated train (“El”), subways, trolleys, and buses.


SEPTA is highly convenient and inexpensive means to commute in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. Though safety standards are usually maintained, passengers using SEPTA transportation have been put at severe risk situations due to the recent accidents. Most accidents have occurred due to the carelessness of the SEPTA drivers or operators. The accidents have caused injuries of various degrees to pedestrians and passengers alike and not to mention the medical expenses that came with it.


The Jerk and Jolt Rule

The “jerk and jolt” rules apply in the cases where the passenger believes that the accident occurred due to a sudden halt. These rules are separate from the usual procedures applied in an auto accident. The “jerk and jolt” rules protect the riders in the event of a sudden lane change or an unusually abrupt stop of the vehicle. It is advisable that you discuss with other accident victims who were traveling along with you on the same bus.


Your case in the court would have substantial backing if you claim is backed by other passengers with similar experiences. These types of cases are usually very difficult if you are the only passenger claiming injury. In case you’ve been injured in the above circumstances, you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately to find out if the ‘jerk and jolt’ rules apply to your case.


Other steps to be taken if you are involved in a SEPTA accident:


Incident Form

If you are a victim of a SEPTA accident, you should fill out an incident form. The form should be given to you by the driver. The incident form would ask your details such as name, date of birth, address, contact information and detailed description of the accident and your injury. You are required to complete the form on the spot and give a copy of the form to the driver.  The incident form is proof of you being actually present on board the bus when the accident took place. Make sure to preserve the incident form as you will need it while filing for the SEPTA claim.  


Detailed Information

Even though an accident may leave you shaken, it is advisable to take notes related to the accident. If possible, you must pen down all the details such as the route you had taken and the site of the accident. Details of the driver including the name, description and bus number would also be beneficial while filing the SEPTA claim.


Medical Care First

The first thing you should do after an accident is to seek medical care. Ambulances should arrive on the accident spot and transport the injured passengers to the nearest emergency room. But, you must not wait if the ambulance is delayed. Reach an emergency room or clinic yourself to make sure that your injury is attended to and doesn’t get worse.


SEPTA Lawyer

SEPTA attorneys may possibly contact you after the accident and ask you for a detailed account of the accident. You should be aware that no passenger is under any compulsion to speak to a SEPTA lawyer. If you have contacted a personal injury lawyer already, you can inform the SEPTA official that any questions related to the accident should be directed to your lawyer.


Accidents are upsetting, but you must immediately contact an experienced SEPTA Accident Lawyer after the incident for filing a claim. Your attorney can start the investigation on your behalf right away.


If you have been injured as result of a SEPTA related accident, the attorneys at Brett Tessler & Associates will seek justice and fair compensation. Contact a member of our legal team today at (215)-569-9005 regarding your case.