Shoulder Tears

Are your job responsibilities the reason why you are suffering from a shoulder tear or any other shoulder injury? Has the shoulder injury been caused by an accident in the workplace? Has the repeated cycle of job tasks caused a sharp and regular pain in your shoulders?

If you have suffered any form of a shoulder injury at the workplace due to the nature of your job, then you need a professional workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia to help you get your due compensation.

Shoulder Tear Cases – Grounds for Filing a Legal Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have suffered a serious shoulder injury at your workplace, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention, so that the condition doesn’t become worse. If your employer has denied you lawful workers’ compensation benefits, then you might have a hard time presenting a case and following it through to finally secure your legal claim to medical benefits and wage loss benefits.

Handling workers’ compensation cases is a challenging job, which requires a lot of prep work, knowledge of the law, and information about the Workers’ Compensation Act in a particular state. Along with all these prerequisites, these cases require a lot of time and are associated with an excessive legal hassle. All this is best handled by a professional who has experience of handling such cases and has the needed expertise to follow the case to the settlement of award.

Being injured and unable to return to work, you are in no condition to bear the added burden of preparing your own workers’ compensation case, and need all the help you can get. Our team of specialized job injury attorneys in Philadelphia will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you get your rightful compensation.

What We Offer You…

We offer you legal services to make sure that no one hoodwinks you out of your rightful claim. A shoulder injury can be of different types, and you might suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Impingements
  • Minor to major fractures
  • Labral tears and others

Your shoulder injury at the workplace might even be temporary or permanent, serious or not too severe, but in all cases, your employer is liable to provide you with the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

In cases where compensation is denied it leads to frustration. The injured employee is unable to get much needed yet expensive medical treatment on time, due to limited funds. In addition, being in no condition to return to work, you will face difficulties in making ends meet until you are fit for duty. All these worries are resolved when workers’ compensation is paid to the victim as outlined by law.

We help you prepare a strong case and guide you regarding how to proceed with the case, so that you are able to get the required treatment and live suitably, until fit enough to return to your job.

If you have been denied your rightful claim, give us a call at 215-569-9005, to discuss your work injuries in Philadelphia, and our work injuries attorney in Philadelphia will help you every step of the way.