Preexisting Conditions

The laws regarding a preexisting condition and a work-related injury are very complex. You need the guidance of a very experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia who can inform you about the intricate details of the law.

Preexisting Conditions and Legal Complications

The case of a work-related injury involving a preexisting condition can be complicated. If you were to injure your knee while on the job, you would be entitled to a complete compensation for your inability to work. However, if the knee injury aggravated the preexisting arthritic condition you previously had, then filing a workers’ compensation claim is not going to be such an easy job.

If your current injury has worsened your previous condition, your employer will still be responsible to pay the disability benefits and medical expenses involving the recent injury which caused your disability.

The laws governing the preexisting injury condition claim are very complicated. You will need the help of a legal professional on workers’ compensation law in Philadelphia to help you.

Why You Need The Help Of Our Legal Team?

The workers’ compensation rules involving a preexisting work injury and a new on the job injury are somewhat different.

The intricacies of the law are very complex and if you don’t have any idea about your rights in such a situation, it is quite likely that you will be conned out of your rightful claim, with the simple assertion that your injury is not work-related.

Your employers’ legal counsel will try to prove that you already suffered such a permanent injury and will try to avoid paying you any compensation. What will you do then? Do you know if you are entitled to workers’ compensation if you suffer from an injury which has aggravated a preexisting condition?

Do you have any idea of the compensation benefits you are entitled to if you suffer from a temporary or a permanent work-related injury which is linked to your preexisting condition? What if your new injury is not linked to your preexisting work injury condition? How much compensation are you entitled to?

All of these mind-boggling and confusing questions are answered by our team of work injury attornies in Philadelphia who have years of experience to their credit and can guide you throughout the filing of a workers’ compensation claim.

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