Light Duty

Are you aware of the meaning of the term light duty? Light duty work involves the tasks which are assigned to an injured employee on a temporary or permanent basis by the current employer while the employee recovers from the injuries.

In cases where the injury is temporary, the employee can still earn and be part of the company while performing light duties. In permanent injury cases, these light duties help to keep the employee active and earn a living. Yet you do need a workers’ compensation attorney in Philadelphia to sort out all the details, and to make sure that you receive due compensation as per your rightful claim.

Light Duty Work – The Good and The Bad

When injured workers file a claim for workers’ compensation, sometimes their employers assign them light duty work while they recover from their injury. This is done to keep the injured employee on board and feeling active with a positive mindset. While the employee is unable to perform their regular work duties due to their injury, they are assigned job duties which are easier to handle and save them from focusing too much on their present wounded condition. In such a scenario, nothing could be better than a little easy time on the job, where you can work as a full-time employee and feel valued as part of the company. However, sometimes the employer provides light duty for the sole purpose to avoid paying workers’ compensation! Moreover, sometimes what the employer may believe is light duty actually requires the employee to essentially perform the same duties as their pre-injury job.

But do you know that you could actually lose your job while performing light duty work?

Yes, you can. If your employer doesn’t find your performance up to par he can actually fire you while you perform light duty work due to your temporary or permanent injury. You can lose your job even if you have filed a workers’ compensation claim.

This comes as a shocking news to many, but this is why you need an expert workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia to guide you through the complex labyrinth they call workers’ compensation law!

Why You Need Legal Help?

On the face of it, light duty work is probably the best thing that can be arranged for an injured employee who is unable to perform their regular job duties due to a temporary or permanent injury condition. However, your employer may look for a reason to fire you, despite the injury filed and your pending workers’ compensation claim!

Therefore, it is important that you have a legal professional guide you every step of the way so that you don’t make a mistake which ends up in you losing your job or your rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Our team of expert lawyers will guide you as to the ideal way to work and behave during your period of light duty.

With the help of our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Philadelphia, you may be able to keep your job, file a workers’ compensation claim, get due claimed benefits and enjoy a suitable recovery. We make sure that no one deprives you of your legal claim, and that you receive fair compensation pertaining to the Workers’ Compensation Act.

If you need any more details about our services or wish for a free consultation service, just contact us at (215) 569-9005.



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