Back Injuries

Are you an unfortunate victim of a workplace related back injury? Has your friend or relative been denied their right to lawful workers’ compensation, by their company management, for a work related back injury? In both cases, you need the help of a professional lawyer, who has experience in handling workers’ compensation cases and are a group of back injury attorneys in Philadelphia, who take care of all workplace accidents.

Know Your Rights, Get Help Now with Your Claim

Workers are denied their lawful rights to workers’ compensation many a times, and have to suffer extreme pain and discomfort while trying to recover from a work related injury with no medical assistance.

According to the workers’ compensation law, any worker who suffers an injury at the workplace has a legal claim to wage loss compensation and payment of medical expenses. Workers’ compensation includes wage loss payments, based upon the injured workers average weekly wage, while he is injured and incapable of coming back to work.

Most jobs which have an element of risk involved, insure their workers and make due compensation in the case of any injury. However, certain companies which deny these legal rights to their workforce can be taken to task, with the assistance of a work injury attorney in Delaware County and the whole of Philadelphia.

Avoid the Pain – Get Professional Legal Assistance

Pain in the lower back, or injuries to the lumbar or thoracic region of the spine, can be a major medical issue, which requires immediate medical attention. Any negligence or failure to obtain the required medical treatment or surgery at the critical moment, can lead to a major injury and even leave you disabled for life.

While suffering from a back injury, you are in no condition to prepare a legal case and fight for your due rights. What you need is immediate medical attention, medical allowance and a suitable sum as salary to help you and your family make ends meet, while you recover from a painful injury.

In most cases, lack of proper care and any efforts to exert on your part, can leave you completely disabled, adding to your worries and problems. That is why, our specialized team of workers’ compensation lawyers in Philadelphia, offer you expert legal help when you need it most.

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