Automobile Accidents

Have you been unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident in Philadelphia? Do you know who will be liable to make due compensation as per the law and how the insurance companies will work to release the claim? If you are like majority of the people out there who have no idea of the different legal complexities involved in automobile accidents, then you need the help of a capable workers compensation & personal injury attorney at Norristown, to guide you through the process.

Auto Accident Personal Injury Claims

In the case of an automobile accident, there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to the question of who will be responsible for settling the damages and how.

Some of the most common questions you are facing right now, being involved in a car accident, include:

  • Who will be responsible for the payment of my medical bills?
  • How will I be compensated for the wage loss I suffer from being unable to return to my job because of the injuries I have suffered?
  • What factors do the insurance companies look at, when they decide the person responsible for the automobile accident?
  • Who will pay for the major or minor damages to my car?

These troubling questions and more can be answered by our expert team of personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania. Brent Tessler and Associates are a company of experienced lawyers who will provide you guidance wherever needed, and help you handle the automobile accident details without any hassle.

How We Help You…

We offer free consultation assistance to all our clients, and offer them the chance to understand the complex factors involved in their case. We handle all the personal injury claim cases on the basis of a contingency factor, which means that you pay the fees for our lawyers; once we help you recover your rightful monetary compensation on your personal injury claim case.

Our lawyers know the intricacies of the processes involved, and also work in collaboration with the insurance companies, to help you get the claim. While you recover from the injuries suffered in the car accident, we take care of all the legal work so that you receive due compensation from the other party and your insurance company.

Our personal injury attorneys in Doylestown offer you all the assistance you need to understand the responsibilities about who will be responsible for the important details like:

  • Lost income or wages
  • Medical costs and treatment expenses
  • Suffering and pain caused by accident
  • Other associated costs incurred due to the serious car crash

You might be the victim of a hit and run automobile accident, or a car and truck accident, or you may have suffered serious injuries because of a head on collision due to the actions of a drunk driver on the road. Whatever the scenario, our team of legal experts will help you find answers to your questions, and file a claim for personal injuries and damages to the vehicle.

Our personal injury attorneys in West Chester will help you with a free consultation service whenever you need. Just call us at (215) 569-9005.