Animal Attacks

Have you been attacked by an animal? Has a dog bitten you, or mauled someone you know? Do you know that it is your legal right to file a claim against the owner of the aggressive animal and get due compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured?

According to the law, the owner of the animal who is proved to be responsible for biting or attacking another individual has to make suitable compensation to the victim. The aggrieved party has the right to be compensated for the pain and trauma they suffer from the animal attack. Get help from our animal attack attorneys in Pennsylvania who are experts in handling such cases.

Dealing With Animal Attacks – Legal Help Is Your First Line Of Defense!

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of an animal bite or savage attack, then the first thing that they need to do after seeking proper medical treatment is to find the assistance of a legal expert.

It is essential to seek medical treatment at once in order to avoid any dangerous infections or transmitted diseases that the attacking animal may have been carrying at the time. After securing your health and safety, you need to make a claim for compensation against the owners of the animal that attacked you.

With the help of our specialized workers’ compensation & personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, you will be able to ascertain whether you have a viable case to file a compensation claim. You will also learn about the different category of damages you will be able to recover from the filing of the case.

The initial steps involve the version from the victim about the attack incident which took place. Our legal experts will require all the details, along with the name and address of the animal’s owner who attacked you, to prepare a solid case. Witnesses may be needed to provide their versions and additional information needed to corroborate your story and offer any further helpful information to strengthen your compensation claim.

Why You Need Us…

You may have been bitten by a huge dog, or attacked by an untrained horse or uncontained cattle. If you suffer any injury or trauma, you are entitled to seek compensation for your suffering from the owner of the animal.

Our specialized lawyers know what you need to complete a case and gather the needed information to help you file a compensation claim. The laws differ from one state to the other, where certain states hold the owner of the dog legally responsible for the actions of their pets and owned animals.

Some states have strict rules which hold an animal owner responsible for the attack whether or not they were aware of the dangerous nature of their pet. In other states, however, if the owner can prove that they were unaware that their animal was wild and could attack at free will, then they will not face liability.

In order to prove your claim against such complex laws, you need the help of an experienced dog bite attorney in Philadelphia, who can guide you regarding the best steps to take after suffering from an animal attack. Call us at (215) 569-9005.