Personal Injury

Personal injury law states that anyone is entitled to legal compensation if they suffer from an injury due to the negligence or recklessness of another entity. As per the law, individuals must ensure that their behavior or actions do not harm anyone else. If it is proved in court that the injury sustained by an individual was the result of gross carelessness or malpractice on the part of an institute, organization, group, or individual, then that entity becomes liable to offer due compensation as per the law.

If you have suffered any injury as a result of malpractice, negligence or clear carelessness on the part of an individual, a committee or an authority, you can file a claim for compensation. If you are unaware of the complexities of the law then seek help from our team of expert workers compensation & personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia to help you resolve your case professionally.

One of the biggest problems many injured people face is that they don’t receive their due compensation, which presents a major hurdle in their need to seek suitable medical treatment for their injuries. The only way to get your rightful claim is to opt for guidance from a legal professional who will make sure that you are properly compensated for your suffering.

Following are some instances where you will need our help to ensure proper compensation, in a case pertaining to personal injury law.


Construction Accidents

Have you suffered a serious injury while working at a construction site? Have you been the victim of a serious

SEPTA Accidents

Have you suffered any injury while on the SEPTA public transit system? SEPTA is the Southeastern

Motorcycle Accidents

Have you been the victim of a motorcycle accident? Do you have a long list of questions you need

Animal Attacks

Have you been attacked by an animal? Has a dog bitten you or mauled someone you know?

Slip/Trip and Fall

Have you suffered a major or minor injury due to a slip, trip or fall accident?

Automobile Accidents

Have you been unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident in Philadelphia?

Automobile Or Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been involved in an automobile accident and are injured in the process, then you need to file a claim for compensation against the driver who was at fault.

If your car or motorcycle was hit and it is a case of a hit and run, you will need the help of a workers compensation & personal injury attorney in Philadelphia to prove your case in court and ensure that you are compensated for your loss and injury.

Any delay in proceeding with the case or failure to present sound evidence in support of your claim can result in denial of your lawful compensation in court. Let our experts help you out.

Medical Negligence Or Malpractice

If you, your family or anyone you know has suffered an injury, illness or any other medical condition due to the medical malpractice displayed by doctors or staff in a hospital or clinic, we will represent your case in court. We will act as your legal representatives and make sure that you are not denied your right to a legal claim.

Premises Liability

Were you injured on someone’s property because of sheer carelessness on the part of the owner? The law permits you to get compensation for getting injured on a poorly maintained or unsafe property.

We will guide you how to proceed with the case, and inform you about the legal procedures and details involved. We help you present a strong case in court so that you get the due compensation.

SEPTA Accidents

If you have suffered a temporary sprain or a permanent injury while using public transportation system services, we can help you prepare a case and demand legal compensation for your suffering from the authorities.

If you have sustained an injury due to the above-mentioned causes or any other reason, contact our experts at 215-569-9005, to discover the viewpoint of a workers’ compensation & personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia.

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