Do I Need to Get a Second Opinion on My Personal Injury Case?

Getting a Second Opinion on Your Personal Injury Case is Beneficial

The prospect of fighting a legal case is likely to be daunting for anyone. If you don’t have any background in law, you are dependent on your attorneys to guide you through the process and win your case for you. For this to happen, you need to be able to trust your lawyers. You need to feel a sense of comfort with them and have confidence in their ability to handle your case efficiently.


While you would want things to go smoothly for your legal case, sometimes a situation may arise where you might need to seek a second opinion. Approaching a different lawyer and explaining your entire case history again might seem like something you want to avoid. Often it is necessary to consult another attorney for improving the chances of getting a successful result for your case.


A personal injury case is filed by one or more individuals on a private level, unlike a criminal case which is filed by the government. The case is usually against another individual, company or an organization.


What are the reasons for which a second opinion is needed in a personal injury case?


  • If an attorney refuses to accept your case, you would need to approach a different lawyer. If this does happen, don’t get disheartened. Lawyers might not take up your case for various reasons.


For instance, the lawyer might think the case is winnable but is not worth the time and effort that needs to go in, and would want to take a case with more billable hours so as to make more money. The lawyer might also refuse to accept your case because he or she thinks it doesn’t have the merit to win in court. If the attorney you approached first does reject your case, just remember that there are other attorneys who will give your case a fair chance.


  • If you think your personal injury attorney is not giving you the right advice, like asking you to go for an out of court settlement despite a strong chance of winning, a second opinion is advisable.


  • Another reason to consult a second attorney is if you do not agree with how your lawyer plans to take your case forward. The difference of opinion with your lawyer is one of the most common reasons to consider going to a different lawyer.


  • If you get the feeling that your lawyer is not competent enough to handle your case, getting a second opinion from a legal expert can help you make decisions that are in the best interest of your case. When you engage a lawyer, do your research about their qualifications and experience in terms of number of cases fought, number of cases won and so on. If you discover at a later date that your attorney’s track record is not good, you can change your lawyer at that stage as well.


  • If you are not comfortable in discussing your case in detail with your lawyer, it is definitely time to start looking elsewhere. As is often said, there are two people you should be completely honest with; your doctor and your lawyer. You need to have a comfort level with your lawyer or else your case will suffer. It is essential that you have trust in your legal aid.


  • Communication is an important factor in a client-lawyer relationship. Your attorney must update you on all the aspects of your case at regular intervals. If you see that it’s not happening and your lawyer is keeping you in the dark or is failing to inform you of your case’s progress, you should think about seeking a second opinion.


At the end of the day, the choice of retaining your personal injury lawyer or changing course is yours.Yes, legal matters are complex, and lawyers are the experts, but they can also make mistakes or errors of judgment. You have every right to seek a second opinion as it might help you gain a different perspective.


A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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