Automobile Accident Lawyer: Who Pays in an Uber Accident?

Who Pays in an Uber Accident? The Driver, Passenger or Company?

Hailing a cab has become exceedingly easy with companies such as Uber and Lyft drifting into the transportation sector. The regular taxicab services have begun to recede steadily as Uber slowly began to emerge as the number one company over the years. No one would argue with their standards of cleanliness or convenience though. Contacting an Uber is now a breeze, as all you have to do is download and install the Uber App on your smartphone and beckon a car at the tap of a button.


However, reports similar to the case of self-driving Uber case of Alexandra Cole who had been driving her own vehicle a few years ago leap to the mind instantly. Cole took a left turn and collided with an Uber and had been cited by the Tennessee police for not allowing the ‘right of way.’ This particular automobile accident is not the only instance of an Uber involved in a mishap.


There have been several injuries reported in the case mentioned above, but the matter becomes complicated when a passenger or the driver at the wheel of the Uber claims damages for an auto accident personal injury. With several individuals along with the Uber company as well as the insurance carrier being dragged headlong into the litigations, each of the responsible parties tries to shrug off the blame and pass the buck onto others.


However, some accidents that have been ascertained to a car rental by Uber found the company reluctant to accept the blame. Any negligence on account of the driver or specific evidence that proves the guilt of the Uber driver has been astutely dismissed by the company that refused any sort of liability. Fortunately, the latest accidents have revealed that Uber is indeed a party to the offense and needs to share the liability equally with the other parties involved.


Who is Responsible for the Mishap?

The law now holds multiple parties responsible when a car accident claim comes up for trial or needs to be settled out of court. Sure, there may be a negligent driver at the wheel of the car when the incident occurred. The onus of the accident, however, needs to be shared by the following parties:

  • The company, i.e., Uber
  • The driver engaged by Uber
  • The insurance carrier for Uber


What Can an Auto Accident Lawyer Do?

A qualified and experienced automobile accident attorney will make all efforts and immediately sue all concerned parties without exception. This will help to protect the liability as well as recover the maximum amount possible for personal injuries and property damage. You will, however, have to remain wary about the other parties approaching you to limit their liability by pressing you to sign an agreement.


The accused may also try to discourage you from taking any other legal action against them by asking you to sign an agreement for a paltry amount. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid signing any such agreements without discussing the matter in detail with your legal representative first.


How Much Can You Claim?

It’s natural for you to be interested to know how much in damages can you claim because of your accident. Sadly, there is no single answer to your query. An experienced automobile accident attorney can at best estimate by analyzing the facts properly. The actual amount is liable to be ascertained only during a settlement or when the jury along with a judge finds merit in your case and awards you with a specific amount to make good your loss.


However, you can claim damages for the following when you happen to be a victim of an Uber accident:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Temporary disability
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish


Property damage was not a criterion when you had been a passenger riding on an Uber. You can still make claims if you had been carrying a valuable object while taking an Uber ride, though.


Important Factors

The judge is likely to consider the following when deciding on an amount though. They include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Your age
  • Type and severity of the injuries sustained
  • Your prospects of recovering completely
  • Your role, if any, during the accident
  • Your occupation


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